Bullet Journal – Updates

I have now been using my bullet journal every single day for over 6 months, and I am loving it more and more everyday. It may be sad, but it would genuinely be one of the few things that I would save in a fire! Since my last bullet journal blog post I have began to define my style in my BUJO and have been testing out various different designs and experimenting with the use of my spreads. This post is a general update of what I have been loving and what didn’t work so well for me.

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Mauled Merida

This years Halloween costume was taking it back to my Scottish roots, and transforming into one of my favourite Disney princesses – Merida from Brave.

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Halloween Costumes

A quick look into my past Halloween costumes from the recent years…

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Bullet Journal

I have found my love for the bullet journal in the past two weeks, and I’ll be honest, I am completely addicted. Here is an introduction to what the bullet journal actually is and things I have done in my personal BUJO to organise every aspect of my life.

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Uni: Preparation & Decoration

I’m coming to the end of my first year of university, so I thought I would share my tips and tricks to living in halls and preparing for uni move in day! I’m no expert but all of these quick and easy things have made the whole process 10 times easier for me.

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Cartoon Party

I had a cartoon themed party for my 18th birthday last year, most of it was created by me, DIY style! I absolutely loved everything, despite it being pretty much a kids party, so I thought I would share the outcome with you. It was a costume party during summer (in England though so I was lucky it was actually a lovely day). I probably spent around 3 months planning everything so that it was all perfect. I had a separate theme for each area of the house, I’ll go into detail in a bit, creating decorations for each theme.

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Welcome to my life

Hello and welcome to my life. This is me, I’m Lauren, I’m from England, and this blog will be all about the things I love. I have a passion for all things stationery, organisation and the occasional fancy dress. So, an introduction to myself, well there’s not much to me to be honest. I’m currently in my first year of university, training to become a maths teacher! Crazy, I know! So far I’m enjoying it immensely. When I’m not boring everyone with maths I’m usually labelling or colour coding something or other, usually my ever growing stationery collection.

2015-10-31 19.17.48The rest of my time is spent either working part time as a waitress, binge watching TV shows (current favourites being Brooklyn 99 and Modern Family) and hopefully now I can spend the rest of
my days BLOGGING! This is completely new to me, so bare with it, but I’ve promised myself that I would start something new this year that is out of my comfort zone, and I’m finally getting round to doing it. So I can tick another thing off my list (well one of my many million lists).

So that’s pretty much all there is to me. Hope you stick around to enjoy my future posts, and we’ll see how it goes. Let’s do this!!


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